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Don't just take our word for it. 


There is nothing more powerful in business than than actually hearing from the people who count on products and services to represent their reputation each and everyday.  

And in the automotive business, reputation is everything in today's world.  

These videos are unedited and are a true reflection of how the Tomerro Group is viewed in the real world.

Layne Magnuson
Dealer Principle, Magnuson FORD


"I don't know any owner of any other company I can phone the owner directly to get involved with a claim, and I really appreciate that."

Jason Mathot
GM Marv Jones Honda


"You immediately feel comforatble with them and you know that they "get" what you are trying to accomplish in the business office."

Dave Jung
Assistant GM Abbotsford Nissan


"Tomerro Group offers products that are a fair price and offer value to our customers and still allow us to make a good profit."

Brad Wilson
Service Manager, Magnuson FORD


"I just can't say enough about how good the people at Tomerro Group are."

Rikki Stewart
Fixed Operations Mannager, Murray KIA


"Their attention to detail matches mine and I really like that.  They are always there to help if needed."

Dave Lanting
Fixed Operations Manager, Chilliwack Ford


"Knowing that my client is going to get looked after is the only thing that matters."

Financial Services Manager, Chilliwack FORD


"The products are easy to believe in and that makes them easy to sell, providing a product that serves both us and the customer well."

Mike McDonald


"I cannot think of a bad thing to say or a claim that's ever been denied. It's been an excellent experience for over 20 years."

Gordon Pelltier
Finance Manager, MSA FORD


"23 years I've been doing business with Bruce. Never, never have I had a problem.  I have seen him step up on claims that were unlcear and that goes a long way."

Brad Thomas
Financial Services Manager, Watkins Motors FORD

"The support is there, the value is there.  I even have my own peronsal policy.  If there ever is an issue, one call to the rep and it's fixed."

Don Curtis
Sales Manager, Magnuson FORD


"I think Tomerro Group does an excellent job with both representing the products and also training our Business Managers on how to sell."

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