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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Who underwrites your products?

Old Republic is owned by one if the largest insurance companies in the world with assets in excess of 19 billion dollars.

Vehicle Armour is underwritten by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company. A Canadian-based Property and Casualty insurance company, incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).

The Co-operators Group Limited is a leading Canadian multi-line insurance and financial service co-operative with $41.7 billion in assets under management and more than 5.7 million members.




 02  How long have the products been around?

Old Republic has been providing automotive coverage since 1974 and in Canada since 1980.

Vehicle Armour has been providing products and services across Canada for nearly two decades and our road hazard warranty has been in B.C. for almost eight years.

Lusterglaze has ben marketed in Canada 1978 and manufactured in Canada since 1985.




 03  Where are you claims handled?

Old Republic has a local claims centre right here in Burnaby.

Vehicle Armours claims are handled in Ontario.

Lusterglaze is a 100% Canadian owned and operated with corporate head office and manufacturing facilities in Calgary Alberta.




 04  Do you offer training?

Yes! Since 2002 Tomerro Group has operated a Business Manager Training School. We also offer one on one training in the business office as well as group training for sales staff on how the dealership can work together as a team for better performance.

 05  Do your Sales Representatives have business office experience? 

All of Tomerro Groups Sales Representatives have experience in the business office. We all know what it’s like to sell the products and understand the urgency should one of our clients need assistance. 

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